My Glitch and New Gear

Hey guys,

Today I Was looking thru my Cuztimizer and i saw this weird thing…

and then i saw its a Team Whistles Shirt, Team Whistles Turf,

And  a Team Whistles hat i got so happy. Here’s a picture of that

here you go  I bet yoyo  is kinda Jealous and he wants to freaken Hack me but you cant brah brah.

ok and this week’s New News

with a Live SnapShot in Tuesday 7:45 PM Pacific time Fresno,CA West Austin Way 4647 That’s a picture of my House!

hehe  Here

And here’s this Week’s News 

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Page #3 

Page #4

Page #5

Page #6

Page #7

Page #8



Thank you That’s all for me today!
Arshak13 Signing Out!


As you see,

This blog is Only for Boys Only!

Yeah Girls its for Boys only.

Im sorry About that but there

are many blogs you could

join. Also, there Has been Alerted New Gear Just came In!

Yay woot  I Will show you those Incredible Gear.

And I will show you  my Gear its alot

There Has been forcasted Rain Causing Action Allstars

To cancel Todays Tournament At Diomands Run

We Will keep you informed every Day at Action Allstars

And The gear, Weather, Everything that comes out.

This is My Gear on Action Allstars it Takes me Forever to Change!

Sorry today  I Might not show you some things Thank You for you

Patience. Oh And Something Else heres my Report Card Made it My Self with my Real Grades!