Easter party prom 2012!

Hey athletes,

We Had a Great time today Well Dttat was there for a while about 15, 20 minutes there was 25 people at my turf the most you could have for a party. Everybody loved it we voted for the prom QUEEN and KING. and  the Results were SHOCKING!

mike035 for Queen tied with cupcake763 and the PROM KING Was DTTAT What a Great party!

Oh And here’s some awards… TheBenjiBang got Best Athlete, Arshak13 tied with Sangye1348 Best Party Makers.

Mike035 for being gay ,

TheBenjiBang for being “PARTY POOPER” , and the last award is,Quique1 for getting mvp


Here are some pictures behind the scenes

Crazy Peeps! 
Turf Messages

LOTS OF People
Easter Party!
With my MAC
This Easter party was a HUDGE SUCESS

Thanks To Dttat for letting my turf being the host it was an honor

I hope for another good year next year! and




Allstar Racers

Hello Athletics…

Well I thought of making my on Competition Its Called the ” Allstar Race”.

I will Give you the Latest Updates to that Also,

Well If you Are going to Be In a team Please Go leave a message at my turf

Or Just Comment Below I already made my team its Called ” Giants”

Ok So this is what you need:

* Your Email

* Your Athlete Name on Action Allstars

*Racer for your team And Check if you got Three People in your team before you Write the Apllication

* You need To be Older than 8 or Older

* Need a race Car

And Thats All just Fill this out And Have your Team Ready  Tommorow 5:30 Pm at Arshak13 Pacific Time ends at 6:00 or 6:30 Make Sure to be There

😀 LaterZZ   And Make Sure To Visit the Racing blog heres a Link http://allstarracers.wordpress.com/