Im Returning!

Hey athletes,

I have sent action allstars a Email they said they “MIGHT” put back the chatting; its because on action allstars we started Cursing alot so they made us take a break from Cursing alot and the lag could go away because we like chatting on it So i have decided to stay with some other people i encourage you guys to stay also and if we can’t chat yett

Make a Quick hit here’s a link:

When we get on aas we see each other then we say  “Crank up the Noise” that could remind us to get on Quick hit to chat It’s free to make a Quick Hit that game is also cool 

while your playing a person you can Chat at the same time! you get to make your own team and manage and Compete other teams

My User Name on Quick Hit is Arshak13 add me when you Look thru Coach Search and my picture is my Athlete on Action All-stars

Here’s a picture

You’ll get Hang of it !!!! so just Make an account AND Crank Up the Noise

Arshak13 Signing out!


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