Guess the Athlete round #3

The Winners were the same as last week haha Congratulations these are winners 

earned: 1,000 tokens 5 tv’s
eric2323 earned:400 2 tv’s
And conner012367 earned:200 and 1 tv 

good job you will get you’re Prizes by Today i won’t forget

Here’s the New Guess the athlete I Promise you it will get Harder


He Plays for the Portland Trailblazers.

He is Number 21.

He’s also 38 Years old thats it for now Keep On Guessing! Shak’s Out!!


6 Responses

  1. J,J Hickson!!!!

  2. is it a former player?

  3. He is marcus camby

  4. Marcus camby lol

  5. marcus camby BUT he in houston now!!!!

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