Here Are winners!

Hello These are the Following Winners of last weeks Guess the Athlete

*puccasman With 200 tokens

*eric2323 With 400 tokens

*And conner012367 y You All will get your Tokens by  12 pst Today

Heres the New Mystery Athlete the Second round

Here he is 


*He plays for the Orlando Magic

*He’s Number 14

* He’s Really good At Three Pointers in the NBA

Thats it For now Shak is out!


6 Responses

  1. jameer nelson!!!

  2. jameer nelson

  3. jameer nelson

  4. wow itz the same ones again ok so puccasman earned: 1,000 tokens 5 tv’s
    eric2323 earned:400 2 tv’s
    And conner012367 earned:200 and 1 tv

  5. lolz cuz ik so much about sports

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