Allstar Racers

Hello Athletics…

Well I thought of making my on Competition Its Called the ” Allstar Race”.

I will Give you the Latest Updates to that Also,

Well If you Are going to Be In a team Please Go leave a message at my turf

Or Just Comment Below I already made my team its Called ” Giants”

Ok So this is what you need:

* Your Email

* Your Athlete Name on Action Allstars

*Racer for your team And Check if you got Three People in your team before you Write the Apllication

* You need To be Older than 8 or Older

* Need a race Car

And Thats All just Fill this out And Have your Team Ready  Tommorow 5:30 Pm at Arshak13 Pacific Time ends at 6:00 or 6:30 Make Sure to be There

😀 LaterZZ   And Make Sure To Visit the Racing blog heres a Link


2 Responses

  1. nabil47 or minpin7
    im 11 yrs old

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