Celtics Win Celtics Win!!!!!

Yea you heard me Celticics beat the Clippers take that. Feel the pain of the Celtics. Oh look Nick is even excited on aas  look


So let’s talk Celtics. The trade deadline is almost here and they might trade Rajon Rondo but for sure they will trade Ray Allen. Allen is getting old. Now if we can find a shooting guard like him only younger this team is absolutely elite. Paul Pierce is old but he is one of the beasts on the floors. He’s a gotta go to guy and he can hit the 3s. OK now rondo, I would like to see him shoot more he has a great shooting ability. I mean serously. I know Doc Rivers wants him to shoot more. Brandon Bass. Man I’m lovin him too. His favorite shot is on the elbow. He makes it all day. Literally, every time I see him shoot there wow. Then the center KG. KEVIN gARNETT. wHOOSH HIS SKILLS FOR SHOOTING ARE GREAT TOO. OK so poll up there. My bad on the placing


See ya later


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