Celtics Game!

Celtics did a INcredible Job today They ‘Almost’ Fouled out Jeremy Lin I think He Had 4 or 5 Fouls Rajon Rondo In the other hand

Scored with an amazing triple- double of 18 points, 17 rebounds and 20 assists. Good Job Paul Pierce Led them to over time with

That Amazing Three Point and he finished the game with 34 points, including the game-tying three pointer with 4.9 seconds left in

regulation. Kevin Garnett continued his hot play with a double-double of 18 points and 10 rebounds. In one of the most exciting games of

the Celtics’ season, Rajon Rondo led the C’s to a 115-111 overtime win over the Knicks Sunday afternoon at TD Garden. The Celtics

The Celtics Record is now 19-17. The Best Record in the East is Bulls with 30-8 Congratulations I Admit it that the Bulls Would stink if

they didn’t have Derick Rose. Also, Today Los Lakers Vs El Heat Kobe still has his Mask he looks like BatMan ! The Lakers Win it all

score is 98 to 83 big win  These are how much the Best Players Scored Kobe Bryant (33 points) outduels LeBron James (25) and the

Heat in Los Angeles Next Sunday on Abc The Celtics take on The La Lakers to Renew their Rivalry Good Match up right? Good luck



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  2. Sup Shak! Can i join this Blog? I watch all sports and will keep you updated!!!!!

    • Username: Abbster2

      (you probaly already know, but just in case! 😆 ) lolz

  3. shak don’t let her on the blog because she doesn’t commit

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