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Paul Pierce didn’t want his teammate Rajon Rondo feeling singled out or disconnected from the team.

As captain, Pierce felt the time was right before Friday night’s game against the Nets to deliver a message about

the persistent trade rumors involving Boston’s mercurial point guard.

“Well it’s nothing we haven’t been through before,” Pierce said after dropping 27 on the Nets in Boston’s 107-94

win that once again put the Celtics above .500 at 18-17. “Rondo’s been through it, I’ve been though it a number of

times. The thing is you have to do your job, you can’t let that affect you. I kind of mentioned it to Rondo today, you

know I was part of trade rumors for probably four or five straight years. I just didn’t let it affect me on how I

approached each and every game. You know whatever happens, happens, it’s business. Sometimes you don’t

have control of it.”

Rondo ignored the noise and went out in the first half and showed that as long as he’s in Boston, he will be the

game-changer that Celtics fans have grown accustomed to. Like in the second quarter, when Rondo told everyone

to get up-tempo on D and pressure the ball coming up the court.

The result: Five turnovers in a 14-0 Celtics run that – for all intents and purposes – put the game out of reach.

Rondo finished with 14 points, 13 assists and five steals, with all five coming in the first half fury.

“He said before the game, ‘Let’s be aggressive. Defensively, let’s be active.’ And we followed his lead,” Kevin 

Garnett said of Rondo.

Rondo had help as Mickael Pietrus was a defensive force, implementing Rondo’s plan to perfection and getting

nasty on whoever was trying to take the ball up the court.

“Well you know Pietrus has started some games for us before and he’s been spectacular,” Pierce said. “He is able

to come off the bench or start and give us great minutes for his defensive and shooting ability.

“I think it definitely goes to another level, because he’s our energy guy that we use off the bench . You know when

he’s out there to start the game he gets us off to a great start, he’s such a great rebounder for his size, and he can

spread the floor with his point shooting. It was a real big lift to have him out there. We knew we were missing Ray

tonight but we knew Pietrus could fill in.”

Now, the Celtics and their newfound pressure D will be tested by Jeremy Lin and the Knicks on Sunday, with

Boston riding a three-game win streak.

“I think we are moving the ball a lot better and hopefully hitting our stride right here at home,” Pierce said. “We are

playing better basketball. We have a huge West coast trip coming up for us in the next couple weeks, so it’s

important for us to get as many wins as we can under our belt before we hit the road.”

Good Story Paul Pierce I Will Make Sure to Watch You Guys Beat the New York Knicks Good Luck !


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